Magic…and Mystery.

So much of life is a mystery. Often what can’t be seen, is not believed.

Consider the experiences that you have, the feelings generated, the love shared and the pain that is felt…how these things are stored within your physical and energetic being…

These things we cannot see, yet shape our reality.

The way we feel has the potential to create the lens in which we view ourselves and the way in which we perceive the World. The way we feel, is not a tangible thing that you can hold, and yet is often the most real to us.

Isn’t that something? It’s like magic, right?

How we feel, inside and out – consciously or unconsciously – has potential to shape our experiences – and our expression of life. Perhaps our perspective of this lived experience becomes our reality.

To live the highest expression of yourself, to show up in life with your true nature, the truth of who you are…to liberate yourself from the chains that bind you, wouldn’t that be magic?

Magic is in the mystery unfolding…