About Niki Humm

Niki is a Spiritual Medium, a ‘Bridger of Worlds.’ With a deep connection to the subtle realms – she bridges information from other planes of existence into this reality, a communicator of energy between the worlds.

This innate gift has lead her to journey deep into personal and spiritual development and healing modalities. Although Niki has trained and studied various forms of ‘energy work,’ she does not consider herself restricted or bound to any one in particular – but uses a combination of modalities in service to her clients, and to Humanity.

Some of the more recognised tools in her ‘toolkit’ include; Mediumship, Pellowah, Arbah, and Past Life Assimilation Technique, Spiritual Life Coaching and Embodied Iching.

She has participated in a Soul Entrepreneurship program and continues to delve deep into spiritual trainings and initiations that are aligned. As an ‘Eternal Student’ Niki consistently follows the life force energy to undertake trainings and rituals to release what can be released, and to become more of who she is – allowing her more space to hold love and compassion, and to authentically and humbly assist humanity.

Niki is a published author, blogger, group space holder and facilitator as well as being a very ordinary, every day Mum.

Integrity, Honour, Love and Compassion are the foundations that drive Niki to assist in the shift of consciousness for humanity.

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