Magic, Mystery and Mastery.

“For those who hear the calling of their soul, the inner light that longs to be released – they will be pulled in synchronistic ways and with no uncertainty – be led to see the areas of life that expose their darkness, or find themselves ‘coincidentally’ in the company of healers or healing modalities”

~Niki Humm

So much of life is a mystery.

Our experiences, our ‘story’ is very real to us. Our relationship to the world, how we feel in each moment, the love we share and receive…our expression in this life…These are all things we cannot see, yet they shape our reality.

The way we feel has the potential to create the lens in which we view ourselves and the way in which we perceive the World. The way we feel, is not a tangible thing that you can hold, and yet is often the most real to us.

How we feel, inside and out – consciously or unconsciously – has potential to shape our experiences – and our expression of life.

How much of what we’re experiencing and
expressing comes from old wounding, patterns, roots from childhood
How much of what holds us in old stories comes from past lifetimes?

I truly believe that order to live the highest expression of ourselves, to show up authentically as the truth of who we are, we must liberate ourselves from the chains that bind us. These chains are not always easy to see, and are often buried deep within the unconscious.

Without being weighed down by burdens of the past

Without being stuck on a track that keeps looping

Without being held in place by old beliefs 

Who would you be? 

Magic is in the revelation of mastery that already exists, and develops along the journey. Magic and Mastery already exist within you. As you begin to shed layers and heal traumas, release the binds and derail the falsity of what you’ve believed about yourself…you reveal the truth of who you are.

Magic is in the mystery unfolding.