About Niki Humm

Niki has a deep connection to the subtle realms and intuition.

Her innate gifts have lead her to journey deep into personal and spiritual development and study a variety of healing modalities. Although Niki has trained and studied various forms of ‘energy work,’ she does not consider herself restricted or bound to any one in particular – but uses a combination of modalities in service.

Some of the more recognised tools in her ‘toolkit’ include;

  • Intuitive Sensing
  • VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing Practitioner
  • Karmic Releasing (Initiated Practitioner of Karmic Releasing as taught by Chris Stewart)
  • Spiritual Life Coach (Awakened Academy)
  • Meditation Facilitator
  • Program Creator
  • Group Space holder
  • Pellowah Practitioner
  • Published Author and blogger

As an ‘Eternal Student’ Niki consistently follows the life force energy to undertake trainings, healings and rituals to make space in her being and develop more healing tools.

Recognising the importance of doing the deep work herself… Niki is continually evolving and participating in transformational work.

Entwined with magic and mystery, Niki is also a very ordinary, every day Mum – with an everyday mum life. She loves expressing herself through painting, writing, singing and enjoys being ridiculous and outrageous (humour is an important aspect of joy!)

Integrity, Honour, Love and Compassion are values that Niki lives by, and is quite often known for her radical honesty.

Niki is also a Partner and co-founder of Vital Space Nexus.

As a practitioners of various healing modalities, we have created a Nexus: a hub for holistic entrepreneurs, practitioners of the healing arts, leaders and change makers. This can include anything from group sharing circles (see Group Offerings) 1:1 Sessions with individual clients and will be working towards sharing interviews and resources from other practitioners in the healing and holistic wellbeing industry.

Passionate about being of service, Niki is often divinely inspired and acknowledges her role as a conduit or channel to bridge this work into the world. She is one of the pillars who created the Awakening the Bodies: Body Clearing Process alongside Ben Maron, and supported by Laurel Lee – a potent clearing process of karmic release work.

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