Autism Superheroes – The Spark Within

We are all living a Superhero’s Journey, each Soul playing out their own individual starring role. Anyone who is touched by Autism (in any capacity) will understand that their Superhero Journey may be different, the ‘road less travelled’ so to speak.

This book is for you, the Superhero’s Superhero.

The journey begins with an open perspective of one mother’s life as an ‘Autism Parent’. Yes, the contents are highly anecdotal – the stories are told with vulnerability and heart… but this book is also very much about you.

With brute honesty and humour, you’re taken on an interactive journey of self-discovery as well as gaining spiritual insights and techniques to help connect with, balance and communicate with your Precious Ones (from a heart space of integrity and love).

The overall scope of the book is that you will be able to recognise some alternative perspectives to this complex (and often misunderstood) diagnosis, as well as the importance of self-care and balance for care-givers and parents. You’ll find yourself on a mission: exploring the Divine nature of the experiences in your life and learn why the impact you have on your children is truly remarkable. You’ll be reminded of your blissful, peaceful nature. You’re guided to recognising and feeling the presence and awareness that you are a Sparkling Soul – your purpose here, right now… is heroic.

You are The Chosen One