Past Events

Nourishing and Nurturing the Nervous System.

NEED to take time out for yourself?
FEELING depleted, on edge, frazzled or overwhelmed?
Have you been working hard or feeling the stress of the current world climate?

* 1-1/4 hour distance session via Zoom facilitated by two practitioners of Vortexhealing®.* We will focus on working with various aspects of the body and energy system to calm, optimise, nourish and nurture the nervous system… Bringing it into greater levels of wellbeing.* Integration at the end of the session (helps the system catch up to what’s new).

You will receive details upon registration (purchase your ticket via the link and put yourself down as going).
* disclaimer – these sessions are NOT intended to be used as a substitute for professional advice/services either legal, psychological or medical.

-Facilitated by Ben Maron and Niki Humm

Celebrating Durga, Great Mother of Graceful Transformation.

The HEART (Healing Energies, Awakening Relating & Truth) Collective is a group of experienced healers and transformational guides from Australia. We share an Integral Therapies approach matching different tools to different needs that are trauma, attachment, systems, developmental, and cultural dynamics informed, accessible to people of any religious or spiritual belief, relatable to any age, and LGBTQIA+ friendly.

If you want to explore more of your divinely human self, we’re here to support you! The HEART Collective welcomes you to celebrate Kali-Durga, the Great Mother of graceful transformation, of transmuting the heaviest dross into golden radiance.

This is a FREE online community ritual container, facilitated in service of the divine heart in all.

Friday October 15th here in Australia is the final night of Navaratri in Hindu mythology, the 9 nights dedicated to honouring the Goddess, the sacred feminine. 

Durga’s grandeur is globally renowned and only one face of the many she wears across cultures and places. Durga is available to all.

Durga is the heart of transformation, the essence of benevolent grace, the redemptive compassion called upon, and the loving transmutation bestowed by the divine creator within its created creatures: us. Durga knows us as Her Self-Same-Divine, as always already whole and complete, but playing in the field of separation for the sake of exploring Self and Other, the wonder of unfolding our distinct yet connected lives.

Together you’ll be guided to use a range of simple sounds, breaths, visualisations, statements and intentions to honour, invoke and embody the grace of Durga, your own divine compassion. It is a space for offering up what hasn’t been digested in your system, what seems too much or overwhelming, and inviting in divine presence, allowing Durga, as the Heart of Healing, to unfold Her wonders in your manifest being and in the field of your life.

The Hearts of Men: Men’s Sharing Circle.

Men’s Medicine Sharing Circle

The Hearts of Men is an online sharing circle

(facilitated by a woman, Niki Humm)

What’s on your heart?

What is hiding or building, longing to be expressed?

Maybe you’re feeling isolated and need to connect with other men.

Some themes that are popping in ‘the field’ that we want to create a space for you to speak into…- Isolation
– Fear and Anxiety
– Relationship stuff
– Body shame/issues
– Social-interaction withdrawals
– Parenting challenges and stresses for our kid’s wellbeing

Parenting challenges and stresses for our kid’s wellbeing- TRUTH…So much truth coming out at the moment, about ourselves, our loved ones, and current times… truth is good, but it can also be confronting as hell.

Laurel Lee and I would love to invite you to a space to have a chat, some laughs, and maybe some healing if that’s in alignment.No bells and whistles…just girl talk.

You in?


Let us know by clicking GOING and we’ll send you the link on the day.

See you there beautiful!

Awakening the Bodies: Energy Body Clearing Process: Pain

Come and join us for our next online ritual… It’s promising to be potent!

Today the crew ran through the process again in a new streamlined format… (we personally test all the work we share with others on ourselves) The refinements feel REALLY good to all of us!

We are really proud of what we have produced and are looking forward to sharing this with the world.

Get your tickets here:…/Single_Sessions…

Each stand alone session will focus on one key aspect or emotion, that is stored in the Physical, Etheric and Emotional Bodies.

Each session will be a full length Processing Ritual, up to 3 hours in length.
You will have access to short pre-process videos to watch before the Clearing Process.

All sessions will be run online via ZOOM in the convenience of your own home.

Kali Durga Ritual – Release Bonds of Power and Control (online event)

Facilitated by Ben Maron, support facilitator Niki Humm

This ritual is THE ritual if you feel others are draining your energy or on some level manipulating you.

The results for participants thus far have been AMAZING. I’m yet to come across anything as effective for removing external influences, both conscious and unconscious.

In this ritual birthed by Chris Stewart (For more on Chris and his work visit ~ we will call on Kali Durga to release power and control tap roots:

Power tap roots siphon off some of our life force. Control tap root distort our energy.

At times in our life we have consciously or unconsciously allowed others to control or influence us AND at times we have manipulated others.

These interactions and the impressions they make can continue to influence us well beyond the time they were established.

There are many ways that we have either given our power away, taken power away from others or had others use their power to manipulate us.

These dynamics leave us stuck in ways of relating that are based on manipulation and take up our creative energy and life force. Now by releasing these power dynamics we can free up our energy. Energy that once liberated can be used to create…

In this ritual we will release these influences and re-establish our sovereignty.

Kali Durga is the great mother goddess who is created out of all the powers of the male gods. Since they are powerless to defeat a demon host, they combine their powers and she emerges in fierce captivating beautiful POWER.

She rides a lion or a tiger into battle. Her many hands hold many weapons. She is called ‘the undefeatable goddess’.

With her immense love she will protect her children!


Ben Maron is an International teacher/guide, potent ritual facilitator, healer and coach.

On his personal awakening journey of over 20 years Ben has explored a broad range of tools/systems from various lineages and modalities.

His formal facilitation training includes a Bachelor of Education (Primary), Cert III in Outdoor Recreation, yoga, qigong, meditation, life coaching, Spiral Practitioner training (Emotional Clearing) and VortexHealing® (a Registered Trademark of Ric Weinman).

Along with formal training, innate healing capacities are awakening and Ben is experiencing a synthesis of skills and knowledge that goes well beyond any individual modality. Something that is possible for all of us when we are able to move to a trans-lineage view of the world.

Ben is following the call to help people consciously meet their wounding so they can experience the gifts that are waiting for them, allowing them to make their own meaningful contribution to the world.

If there was ever a time when our awakening and innate capacities were needed, NOW is it.

We are being called forward as Sacred Warriors.

Ben is ready to play his part and help you embody your Sacred Warrior. If you’re feeling the call to be part of the change, he would love to support you!