All sessions held online via Zoom

Transformational Session

IdentiFy, Release and integrate.

Transformation Sessions are a combination of all of my tools, used to identify an issue, release or transform and integrate.

This is an interactive session, whereby you have creative control of your own intention for the session – working together to unpack, shift and move what can be moved.

Niki is not the healer or the ‘fixer-upper-er.’ She prefers to be a catalyst and coach for one to do their own inner healing, and a conduit for the energy that is used to support the process.

Not to be misunderstood as a Psychic Reading!

Niki has a strong intuitive sensing and psychic seeing ability, with various tools (healing modalities and teachings) to help move things along and assist with integration. This is very different to a psychic reading.

This session can be deep, transformational work, often radical life changes will follow.

1:1 Spiritual Life Coaching

Guiding and nurturing your own connection back to self, sovereignty and your divine potential

Spiritual Life Coaching and Mentoring sessions will be personalised based on your unique circumstances and needs, where a plan is agreed upon by both parties to set up a container that will run for a minimum of one session per week for six weeks (to achieve optimal results.)

The general purpose of these sessions is to help empower you to take action in your own healing journey, shine a light on the shadows and start taking responsibility for your own shit.

This sacred space will be one where you can be heard, felt and seen as the glorious being you are, and assist you in getting from stuck and disconnected – to breaking through your own barriers and reaching deep awareness and connection with life, get motivated and achieve results.

Contact Niki to discuss package and payment options.

Sacred Space for Soulful Mummas


This is a closed group where modern day mummas living the spiritual life, can come together and form a wholesome and loving tribe of likeminded souls. The group was founded by Niki Humm, a heart-centred, compassionate Soulful Mumma who knows first hand how conflicting it can be walking the soulful path and juggling ‘mum-dom.’

Sacred Space for Soulful Mummas is also held and supported by Laurel Lee. Together they have combined their resources and are able to provide a range of services within the group such as meditation groups, distant healings, group support and some random bits and hilarity!