Claire – Melbourne

Mediumship session 2018
1:1 soul transmission session 2020

“I have had a couple of psychic readings in the past but I didn’t take much from them and have always been a little skeptical.

I first saw Niki for a reading after a sudden loss of a very close friend. I went in with an open mind and not really knowing what to expect and hoping for some sort of closure.

It was only a couple of days since my friend had passed and because of the nature in which it happened Niki at first struggled to clearly understand my friend, but once she broke that wall down, all I can say is WOW!

I was covered in goosebumps from how scarily accurate the events Niki mentioned were. She was explaining things that no one else could possibly know, and every single little detail was spot on!

One of the major messages from the other side was in regards to where my life was at the time and that all they wanted see me succeed and live my best life, which at the time I took with a grain of salt.

My reading was AMAZING! When I left my mind was at ease knowing that my friend was in a better place.

The things Niki saw and felt in this reading were pretty full on and not easy for her, but all Niki cared about is that she was able to help me and that I took something from the reading.

I often think back to Niki’s reading, and as time goes on more and more of the little things she said, that I didn’t pay much attention to at the time, have all started to make sense and have helped motivate me to want to live my best life and do something about it.

More recently I’ve had another session with Niki to do some cleansing and release conditioning.

When it comes to my understanding of cleansing, healing, Chakra’s, conditioning etc you may as well be speaking to me in Swahili.

I don’t completely understand everything Niki did in our session. Some of the things she did were pretty out there, but she was able to explain most of it on a level that I understood.

Niki did alot of work clearing my Chakra’s, magic and clearing things from past lives that are holding me down.

After our session I instantly felt relaxed, kind of like a big shadow had been lifted from above me. And in the following days i started to feel more clear headed, motivated and that there was less holding me back than usual.

Niki doesn’t judge, is layed back and down to earth and is one of those people who you just feel comfortable with. I love how she doesn’t sugar coat things and will tell you how it is.

Everything that ive taken from Niki’s sessions have had a huge impact on my life in positive ways, which I’ll always be grateful for.

This girl’s got a special gift and anyone who experiences it wont be disappointed :D”

Nicole ~ Far North Queensland


“Anyone who connects with Nikki can feel the magic she holds.

In my session I felt a powerful spiritual facilitator who radiates out so much love, wisdom and healing frequencies.

Nikki held a sacred space with supportive guidance in my session, deepening connection to my own inner world and wisdom.

Her potent energy, specialised innate gifts, coaching and healing strategies opened up my energy channels for greater self connection, transformational shifts for further clarity on my life journey path.

She gently released stagnant energy blocks to also allow messages to be received clearer from the divine.

My session was awe-inspiring!

A soulful Mumma, an inspirational being, who has touched my life in many ways.

Thank you Niki 🙏✨💛